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Online Data Entry Jobs – Do Typing Work For Indian Government Digitize India Job (घर बैठे काम)

Online Data Entry Jobs – Do Typing Work For Indian Government Digitize India Job (घर बैठे काम)
दोस्तों आज आपके साथ बहुत ही अच्छा data entry job लेकर आये है जो की भारत सरकार के द्वारा जारी किया गया है. जिसमे आप Part time work कर सकते है या Full time work करके हर महीने ghar baithe earning कर सकते है.

Digitize India Online Registration
Many People think of Working online and earn Good amount of money every month. But usually it is difficult to Find any trust worthy company where you can work online. What if i tell you that – Indian government is giving opportunity to earn online by doing simple data entry work. Yes ! That’s 100% percent true. In this article we are talking about Digitize India Platform. By Completing the Digitize India Online Registration and Working online, You can earn handsome amount of money per month.
But that most important aspect here is the Registration or Sign Up Process at Digitize India. It is extremely important to correctly complete the account creation at Digitize India website and Start Working. Let’s get Started and Know everything about Digitize India Platform
Digitize India Platform (DIP) – Online Registration for Data Entry Work
Before Going into the details of the registration process, we highly recommend you to read about the Digitize India Platform. What is it? How can i Earn Money? Who is Eligible to Participate? and How does it Work are Few important questions that we are going to answer right here.
What is Digitize India Platform (DIP)
Digitize India Platform (DIP) is an initiative by Indian Government. Indian Government is looking to hire people through this program. Main objective of this Program is to provide “Digitization Services” for Scanned Document Images or Physical Documents of Any Organization. Sp, Basically all you need to do is to digitize or make use of existing content in different media formats or Languages. The Digitization will be done such a way that Digitized documents can be accessed easily and any “File Operations” (Find, Search, Replace) can be easily Done.
This Digitization process will help organizations to easily access data and manage it Properly.
So, Basically the Registered users will have to Work Online provide Digitization Services. Working Registered Uses will be paid accordingly.
How Digitize India Platform Works
So, Basically, In very simple terms, You will have to Type the words shown in the image correctly in order to start earning.
Note – I Hope that at this point, you are aware of the Working of Digitize India Platform (DIP)
Eligibility Criteria :
Now, you Might be wondering who is eligible. Here are the Essential Eligibility details :
Note – No academic degree is required
If your Typing Speed is Good Enough and you can type words correctly as well as fastly, You can Earn around Rs. 100 per hour. The earned money will be directly transferred to your Bank Account.
Digitize India Registration | register
Now, we are at most important stage i.e. Registering/Signing Up or Creating User Account at Digitize India Platform. Here is the step by Step Guide :
Note – The Online Registration Form Looks Like This :
Digitize india data entry work
digitize india registration registration
DIP Registration
Digitize India Platform works on a technology that will serve Snippets to workers randomly
The Contributor will have to Digitize the served Snippets
Reward Point will be given for every correct entry
All the Given Snippets are Digitized by the Contributors
Documents are then re-assembled and provided back to organizations
Applicant should be Indian Citizen Indian
Must Possess Computer Knowledge
Must Possess Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar Card & Bank Account of Applicant should be Linked
Applicant must have Laptop, Smartphone etc.
Visit the Digitize India Registration/Sign Up Page
Enter Your Name, Select Gender, Fill in Date or Birth, Enter & Validate Aadhaar card
After the successful Aadhaar Card Validation, Choose Username and Password for Logging in
Provide your Mobile Number & Email ID and Finally Click on “Register Now” Button
Once you are Registered Successfully, You are good to Go!
इस Article में पूरा information डिजिटाइज़ इंडिया के ऑफिसियल वेबसाइट से लिया गया है आप इस लिंक से जाकर और information ले सकते है.
हमारे फेसबुक पेज को like करे –
हमारे वेबसाइट को भी Visit करे
Important Note :-
Firstly make a registration for which candidates can follow the steps:-
Visit the official website
On the homepage, click the “Register Now” button or directly click this link
Afterwards, Digitize India Platform Registration Form will appear
Digitize India Platform Registration Form
Here fill all the details and click theRegister Now” button.
Finally candidates can Sign in to complete the registration process to become a digital contributor.
Next candidates can check their Language Proficiency and data entry skills.
Then candidates can enter the data as it appears in the image and click the “Submit” button.
Henceforth for all the approved data, volunteers will get reward points.
Finally reward points can be converted to your earning and gets transferred to your bank account.
Any person who wishes to become a volunteer can apply but they must satisfy the following conditions:-
Basic Computer Knowledge, Aadhaar Number, Bank Account linked with Mobile Number, Access to internet and also having access to any smart devices.

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